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Glass Table Tops

Glass Table Tops by Westside Glass & Mirror Service

Wide range of shapes, sizes and custom options for your perfect glass table top. Glass Table Tops by Westside Glass & Mirror Service. Glass table tops are amazing fixtures that enhance furniture and extend their durability. Through the use of top grade glass, furniture, such as tables, buffets, shelves, TV cabinet and the like, can be protected from scratches, spills and stains.

And, of course, glass table tops can be beautiful also. Their use can enhance the look of worn-out wooden table tops. It also protects highly porous wood materials from spills and other contaminants. Glass Table Tops are:

  • Beautiful furniture enhancements
  • Protection from spills, stains, and scratches
  • Extend the life span of your furniture

Get your custom glass table tops from Westside Glass & Mirror Service. Our expert craftsmen will provide you with bespoke glass table tops for your select furniture. Our work will add value and style to your interiors. It will help enhance the ambience while protecting your furniture.

Glass table tops are perfect additions to your home. You can get them in a variation of shapes and sizes, customised according to the specifications of your furniture. Call us today and we would gladly schedule a visit to your home and provide you with a comprehensive quote. Get in touch with us today: 0406 078 550, 0404 359 470.