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How to Choose Your Glass Splashback Penrith for Your Dream Kitchen

Your glass splashback Penrith is a great way to level up your kitchen. It is an upgrade worthy of today’s modern kitchen: easy-to-clean, hygienic, and heat-resistant. Plus, it is wow-worthy and impressive. A top quality professionally installed glass splashback is the stuff that dream kitchens are made of!

But, how exactly do you choose the best one for you? Here are some factors to consider when picking the perfect glass splashback.

Budget: Before anything else, consider your budget.

It is ideal to look at your glass splashback Penrith as an investment in your dream kitchen. A fair investment pays back, especially when it comes to your kitchen’s durability, functionality and look.

Colour tone: A glass splashback upgrade has to match your kitchen’s colour tone. Unless mismatching is your style, a glass splashback that is off theme just doesn’t seem right.

So, once you’ve decided on a budget, collaborate with Westside Glass and Mirrors about the look and colour of your glass splashback. What do you have in mind? You can also opt for our team to visit your home for a site measure.

Your glass splashback can be a variety of colours, from red, blue, green and the rest of the colour spectrum. We can colour match anything you like.

You can have a glass splashback over your cooker area. Or, you may want to also include that area behind the sink.

Glass durability: Different types of glass comes with different levels of durability. The glass that we use for your splashback is the best quality glass, considering your budget. It is important to factor in glass durability when it comes to determining your budget for your kitchen upgrade project.

Your kitchen’s look and focal point: You also need to look at your glass splashback installation as a creative upgrade for your kitchen. It becomes a design focal point that is bound to impress your guests. So, go all out.

Talk to Westside Glass and Mirror today about your glass splashback Penrith project and we’ll help you achieve your dream kitchen!

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