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We are a team of tradesmen that provide service to Penrith, Erskine Park, Glendenning, the Hills District and all of Sydney. Our headquarters is located in Penrith.

We do all sorts of glass and mirror work. It could be from a basic installation or mirror replacement work. Or, you could have us design and install your kitchen glass splashback, home or office mirrors and more. Just talk to one of our tradesmen about your requirements. We can schedule a site visit to better assess your needs.

The green tint of glass is from the iron used in its manufacturing. The less iron use, the less green tint.

An old and new mirror, side by side, is going to be obvious. The old mirror will not be as bright-looking as the new one. It is more dull. If you still want to use your old mirror, it is best as a stand-alone, or used alongside other older mirrors.

When your mirror turns black, it might be a reaction to contaminants, such as moisture, and cleaning agents that contain ammonia. Mirrors have copper sulfate and silver nitrate in its coating. These elements react to oxidation.

All mirrors will eventually react to oxidation. You can delay this and maintain the looks by careful cleaning. Be conscious of the ingredients of your cleaning agent.

Most mirrors are held using glue. When you remove your mirror manually, you might be left with some residual glue and some wall damage.

Typically, we measure your shower enclosure after tiling is completed and sills have been installed. This is necessary for accurate measurement. In many cases, shower doors are installed last in a bathroom remodel.

A glass splashback is a way to upgrade the look and durability of your kitchen, bathroom, restaurant or bar. A splashback gives your space a seamless easy-to-clean surface. Since it’s painted on the reverse side, it gives it a striking eye-catching appearance.

Our glass splashback is often made from 6mm thick toughened safety glass that adheres to required building standards in Australia.

The Westside team stands by the work we do. We guarantee any defects that stem from our materials or workmanship for 12 months.

Several factors come into play when you want to reduce a room’s noise. The glass you use is just one of them. Also consider your window frame, floors and walls. Remember that different types of glass result in varying noise reaction.

  • 10.38mm laminated safety glass 43%
  • 10mm annealed glass 38%
  • 3mm annealed glass 0%

Talk to one of project managers today about your alternatives.

We offer energy efficient glass products to fit your specific requirements. Talk to one of our project managers today.

Surfaces for your splashback have to be smooth and clean. Any imperfection can compromise the installation or repair of your glass product.